Word Gets Around

Wayne Mossman,

Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators

Diane Babcock has been writing our news letter and managing our website for the past 10 years. Thanks to her profession attention to detail and creativity we have been the benefactor of continued business growth and our company brand has flourished. Web management, quality newsletters and enhanced internet services are what “COOL TECH” is about. The bottom line, quality service at a reasonable price and they will never let you down.

Laila Yuile,

No Strings Attached Blog

Many thanks to the talented Diane Babcock of Cool Tech Writing & Design for creating the stunning montage of photos I’ve taken around British Columbia, now featured as the new site header. Quality work by a quality professional!

Rachel Snee,

Epiphany Consulting (retired)

I first worked with Diane on a project for BC Hydro in 2002/3. We were launching new estimating standards, and created an InfoFlip of the Project Management Practice to support training and create visibility for the project. Diane expertly handled all the details of layout and graphic design, and used her technical writing skills to greatly improve my text.

However I was most impressed by her ability with graphics. Even though we never met in person, I could briefly describe a concept I wanted an illustration for and she would rapidly come up with the perfect image, plus she created a professional and imaginative overall look and feel for the product by expertly using the clients photographs. The InfoFlip was so successful that it was reprinted for a Project Management Institute conference, and is still in daily use in BC Hydro today.

I was so impressed with her professionalism and excellent service that I subsequently commissioned her to create a logo for my own business, and design both a business card and website that would represent the range of my services. She again proved both imaginative and highly responsive to my needs, taking my vague ideas and turning them into something that stands out from the ordinary, makes my business memorable and really gets across the range of my services without undue verbiage.

When we needed someone to support development on an e-learning project earlier this year, I immediately thought of Diane and recommended her to BC Hydro. She provided all the graphics we needed to create engaging and relatable material, including design of our home page and a series of information icons. She also provided invaluable support in the programming of our e-learning quiz pages. Despite an extremely short timescale and complex team make-up, she again proved to be highly adept at understanding our needs, creating effective solutions and timely delivery of the deliverables.

Diane is a joy to work with; professional, enthusiastic and with a positive, solution based attitude. I would strongly recommend Diane for any work of this nature, as BC Hydro and myself have been extremely satisfied with the projects she has done for us, and would not hesitate to work with her again.

Jayme Dill,

Contractor’s Business School

This one year my consulting company needed to hire a technical writing contractor to assist in developing a Client Delivery Manual to document our processes.

Over the course of choosing one, I used the trial basis method of forwarding particular documents to selected writers for editing. I then decided which writer had the best skills to suit our purpose, and on that basis Diane proved to be the obvious candidate. One of the reasons I chose her initially was her impressive background in writing and professional manner in which she approached the project.

The Client Delivery Manual comprises procedures that need to be laid out in step-form processes based on systems we already have in place. It needs to be organized into a clear and concise format so that our consultants can be easily guided through any of the processes when working with a client. Once finished it will be used as a model for our clients to assist them in creating their own procedure manuals.

Diane was very quick to understand the scope of the project and get up to speed on the objective, following which she delivered quality processes in spite of the sketchy data provided. Her quality of work was head and shoulders above what I was getting from others and in continuing to work with her my choice has proven to be true time and again. Diane is always available when she says she’ll be, always gets things done in a timely manner and is a delight to work with.

Recently I was speaking at a trade show for a group of seventy-five people and mentioned that I had found someone who was able to create structured documents from my rough notes. That sparked some keen interest from the audience, as they know how hard it is to get ideas from their heads on to the paper. It also prompted more inquiries into my business and potential clients for me since I can now offer this service.