Writing & Design

The term ‘writing & design’ covers a broad range of writing services from describing in lay terms what to do in an emergency when flying a helicopter to designing graphics that represent a specific concept, and the difference lies with the expertise in extreme editing and specialize in organizing information from a multitude of sources into a reader-friendly cohesive presentation.

Articles, Reviews & Blogs

One important lesson to learn in life comes from the restaurant industry, which says the best way for a server to sell the Soup of the Day is to sample it and have that taste on their tongue when they talk to patrons.

As well, curiosity is the writer’s best friend in this world, as there is much to see and learn about, and many angles from which to view things when you have an open mind. Imagine a repertoire that ranges from burlesque to politics to spiritualism to express all of the body appreciation, environmental activism and quantum wisdom that one can experience through thought-provoking wordsmith skills.

Brochures & Newsletters

The main goal in this business is always to make conceptual data reader-friendly no matter the medium, which can either mean letting the white space do the work or alternatively the color harmony. It can sometimes help to have a simple cartoon character or representational figure to connect the reader.

When it comes to managing mail-outs, Mail Chimp has proven best for professional newsletters over the years with its friendly interface and distribution options that include a free service up to a certain number of respondents, so which makes it also very cost-effective for small businesses.

Creative, Poetry & Storytelling

The creative non-fiction genre is probably the easiest to write, because it’s about real life, observations and opinions that can be presented in an entertaining way to share enthusiasm with others…even when it seems mundane.

For example, when most people tour a Victory ship in its pre-sinking stage before it becomes an artificial reef for diving, they merely do a walk-through. For some it’s truly an adventure to be shared and when they take a tour, they imagine what it might have been like to serve on that ship and what history it holds.
Poetic verse often serves as commemorative legacies filled with the highlights of a life well-lived for wonderful ballads and songs. They are also extemely accurate for recording history as well as an insightful tool in journal therapy.

Instructional & Reference

Technical writing skills can go beyond the ordinary and no textbook comes close to revealing the secrets to extreme editing that we’ve been taught. With years of designing field guides in a specialized infoflip format that is of a very structured and limited print size, we know how to optimize for minimal space.

When it comes to safety on the job the worker needs the meat without the fat of verbiage on any written instruction. One of the best ways to show clear and concise instruction is to use tables, flowcharts, and colour-coding wherever possible for quick and easy access, especially for emergency situations.

Top Twenty VIELA Sale Tales

  1. The oh sew crafty days of summer. Take a tote of quilting and crafting supplies along camping to keep the young and old busy in a fun way.
  2. Follow the ‘yellow gate road’ to the land of the hobby farm enthusiast and collector extraordinaire nestled in an atmosphere of portable potted plant life.
  3. This executive townhouse sale could well be a lesson in Redecorating 101; replace ‘absolutely everything’ right down to the cabinetry.
  4. Meanwhile, down on the old sheep farm they also had a ‘wooly’ cool collectibles store in a homestead house that was ‘shearly’ delightful, so don’t be ‘baahshful’.
  5. Cowboys of old never had a dream home like this and cowgirls never dreamed of a homestead filled with rich Mahogany furniture…and those things weren’t collectibles.
  6.  Collectors are basically treasure hunters of the modern day kind, so how about a secret collectors code for what they will find at this sale: Ruby Glass and Gingerbread Wood.
  7. The artefacts of yesterday’s wars fought hundreds of years ago are weapons only brandished in video games today for many minds, which make them quite the curiosity.
  8.  Are you ‘pining’ for furniture that surrounds you in the exotic and rich grains of solid Maple and Mahogany? ‘Oak-ay’…no engineered and veneered here. And ‘wall nuts’ will go crazy with all of the BC scenery to hang in the foyer.
  9. If you’ve lost your sense of nostalgia, you’ll find here; from childhood dreams of being a train engineer or traveling the Far East to courting your sweetheart over a Coke with Dean crooning in the background.
  10. Whether you want to lift it up, tie it down, cut it into pieces or stick it together, here you’ll find the tools for every job that needs doing, so ‘come along’ with us and get equipped.
  11. No holds barred on boasting about these incredible collectibles acquired over many years by a cruise ship turned rural physician. All are presented in exquisite and form and polish – right down to the last lustrous pearl.
  12. You’ve heard of hobby farms full of horses…come see this hobbyist farm full of horse-power. Then, get all fired up over the Cress kiln…and, if you get hysterical over the amazing antiques there is a fainting couch just for that.
  13. If you’re a treasure hunter of the prospecting kind, you will be all set to stake your claim and protect your trek to your coveted spot with hardware that will scare the beasts away. Or, you could just stay home and press grapes.
  14. Fans of Gish and gallantry will be enriched and inspired by the pioneers who paved the way both in the air and on the air waves to create the air of nostalgia we love to experience today.
  15. Here are all the thoughtful little gifts you’ll ever need: smalls galore like in a knick-knack store…except for the antelope. And, if you can weld a good bead with this Airco bad boy they won’t fall off the shelf.
  16. A games room is the perfect place for family fun or have fun building one with these industrial grade construction & decorating tools. You’ll need some place to keep your Siamese Fighting Fish, so you ‘Betta’ get on top of that.
  17. What do you call an old wine-maker? A vintage vintner of course. And, once you have your Brother’s business all sewn up, you can celebrate with a nice vintage wine, too. Just don’t spill any on that lovely carpet.
  18. You will be blown away by the bombastic of bygone days when you enter this museum of rustic and relic; to find these rarely seen collectibles under one roof is a rarity indeed.
  19. It’s hay day time for the unconventional collector! There are a few ways to bring the extraordinary beauty of the East closer to home and this is the best one by ‘far’. Add some Canadian flavour, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind exoticism you won’t find anywhere else.
  20. Get out of the winter doldrums and into some heritage excitement that will ‘press’ you to embrace the historic and modern fancies of home and the home publishing business.