After 16 years of success Cool Tech Writing & Design will no longer provide its services to other companies as of December 2022.
Instead, in my semi-retirement, I will be using my writing & graphic design skills to teach meditation through an online course under my new business Life Might.
Thank-you to all my clients with whom I have shared projects that build and sustain good business practices around the world.

our Motto: Success is Good Communication

we Believe…

good communication is key and aspire to present information in a way that it is best read, best learned and best remembered.

we Create…

concise communication between you and your audience in the world of text and images, whether it’s creative or technical.

we Communicate…

imagination and inspiration by representing concepts with effective imagery and skillful editing tools for print and web.

Articles, Reviews

& Blogs


& Newsletters

Writing on any subject matter with deftness and diplomacy or enthusiasm and affection is an effective way to engage the reader on varying degrees of emotional and intellectual levels.

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Making conceptual data reader-friendly no matter the medium with structure and variety around text with or without an icon or  representational figure is an art.

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Creative, Poetry

& Storytelling


& Reference

Creative writing offers a wonderful way to express emotions and sentiments in an ardent and impassioned way that comes from such depths within the heart most minds don’t dare to reach.

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When it comes to technical or spiritual writing there is often a  barrier the reader must overcome before the message can get through which requires cutting to the meat or heart of any instructional matter.

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Creator of ‘Sale Tales’

For the estate and moving liquidation service the readers love the unique ‘Sale Tales’ as an eye-catching intro blurb that is based on the exclusivity of items presented for each and every sale event…like this one.

If you’ve lost your sense of nostalgia, you’ll find here; from childhood dreams of being a train engineer or traveling the Far East to courting your sweetheart over a Coke with Dean crooning in the background.