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has a multi-faceted talent pool in the desktop publishing arena to include writing, condensing copy, editing, and designing over 30 reference guides to a career that spans decades of information organization in an extensive range of industries.
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January 2007 
Our extensive repertoire over the decades comprises ISO work procedures, Mack truck warranty writing, financial notes, news/press releases, letters to shareholders, web articles/content and poetry. Diane also has an extensive background in Office Management, Hospitality and Bookkeeping for a diverse range of industries from diving to heavy equipment to publicly traded gold/diamond mining. Diane has an innate ability when it comes to organizing anything, especially information and is an expert when extreme editing is required for size and space. With such diverse degrees of skills, one can only offer the kind of service that says communication is unlimited.
Life Coach Advantage

Diane Babcock, CLC

We perceive all business from the hospitality viewpoint where service means understanding the client's need sometimes even before they do, which is where more advanced life coach training comes in very handy. Attentive listening and observation to the scope and goal of a project, as well as the client's involvement before, during and after will guide it to its successful next step or completion. 
Expertise Developed Over Decades

  • Articles & blog content on current affairs & personal development
  • Complex work order descriptions into 3 basic components for warranty 
  • Daily travel log for publicly trading mining website to increase shareholders interest & attract investors
  • Event, film & book reviews
  • Letters of appeal & debt collections 
  • News releases & letters to shareholder 
  • Page layout with categories, sections, and subjects
  • Step-by-step work procedures for training 
  • Technical data into lay terms 

  • Business cards & logos
  • Cartoon characters for fun & awareness projects
  • Direct marketing material for target audiences 
  • Facebook business pages/headers
  • Graphics in high-end raster/vector imaging software 
  • Newsletters & mass mailing distriubtion 
  • Promotional flyers, magazine articles, announcements
  • Transparencies from graphics for layering 
  • Website design using various software & Wordpress
  • Window painting using the grid method of resizing images  

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Cool Tech is a proud supporter who provides occasional promotion services for special events in partnership with Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators. Workability is a non-profit registered charity mandated to support people with physical, mental and emotional barriers to have a safe and meaningful productive life within an environmentally sustainable community. 
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